VW Van 418 (?)

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    Hi all ,

    I am after some advise on this Volkswagen Van with carpet decals , I was told that its too rare to restore and none of my reasons for wanting to bring it back to its former glory would satisfy my friend .I picked it up cheap and have the decals from Peter in hand so is it a rare model ? in this well played with condition , the only reason I hesitated to take it apart is I can not find any others down this way to compare this one with.


    Shane my friend, as I am not the right person to ask about the Volkswagen van, hope Teknosamler forum can help you.
    All the best from Bertel.


    It was manufactured for a carpet company located in Copenhagen, with the name “The Red Carpet”. The carpets on the roof were made of tin, and one could be opened so that you could lay a large carpet inside and transport it to the customer. I have worked together with one of the salesmen from this company, much later in a furniture company.
    That was the historical part.
    Whether the car should be refurbished or not is probably a matter of temperament, I don’t think it will immediately change anything about the car’s value if done properly. You just must not think that the new transfers are exactly like the originals, because they are not. Quite small differences and I think you can see a few for yourself. Can’t you find others to compare with? is it because you are missing an Ø on the keyboard 😉 Link there are more to look at



    That’s why my name is Stroget here, and not Strøget… 🙂 In any case, that is a rare van but most of those old VWs are rare. The decals are mostly gone so, it’s a personal decision. If you restore it, it will look much better but it will not be worth much more. You already bought the decals, so go ahead and do it. Please mark it on the bottom with your initials or signature, so others know it is a repaint.


    Ho ho Shane, Christmas came early this year, there are soon gifts on the way for you;
    a piece of “red carpet” that you can restore.
    Then the one you have, maybe can be left untouched ?
    Hej Karl Str”Ø”get.
    Some off us use copper rivets, so the model still looks great,
    but most collectors will know that it has been restored.
    Seasonal greetings from Santa Bertel.


    thank you Bertel , I still have not touched the Red Carpet yet so now I can leave it alone and sit proudly on display . I hope the parcel of Trucks will be with by
    Christmas , all the best from down under .


    Thank you Strøget , I appreciate the time you took to add the history of the red carpet model that gives it a little more meaning to me and now that Bertel has found a well played with model I will leave the one I have as it is and look forward to restoring the model Bertel has found for me .All the best Shane

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