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    I am just starting to write Part V on Vilmer Toys. Does anyone have the Chevrolet truck without steering or without a rivet at the front near the bumper? I am looking for any cab and baseplate variations… Tak!

    The History of Vilmer Toys, Part IV: The Small Dodges (Updated)


    Hi Karl.
    My collection of small Vilmer trucks are:
    Carlsberg beer truck – coil spring suspension, no steering, plastic wheels.
    Flatbed high-sided – with steering.
    Here together with my Tekno small size truck and trailers.
    You are welcome to use the photos.
    Best regards Bertel


    Bertel – that small Carlsberg with suspension looks like the same design of the Chevrolet with suspension! I have never seen one of either of them. My small Dodge barrel truck has NO suspension and NO steering!



    The truck was original with a barrel.
    The wheels are made off red plastic and the cab and chassis painted red.
    But my favorite Vilmer is the Carlsberg beer truck, so I bought a beer crate from Ole Andreasen, and restored it with paint and decals.


    Original truck (large) is steerable and only as military and fire Trucks, as well as on normal truck and a grab truck.

    The small truck is only as cevile Trucks, however, also found in military colored. They are available as controllable, then they can do nothing and then they get springs. Only not the “Piano Truck”
    with springs?

    Chevrolet is as steerable without springs … AND with springs but not steerable.

    Bedford S or RL are available without springs with 3 axles. or with 2 axles with springs.

    All pictures of the small truck from Vimer. There is only the red barrel car that has plastic wheels.


    I also have a “standard” beer truck. No suspension and no steering.


    Yep Bertel…My beer box is steerable and one can nothing… Think the Pianotruck was the only one, never with suspension. I think the Truck type died at that time — late 1950´s —

    Ole F

    Hi Stroget,
    When I got these Vilmer trailers a couple of months ago, I found a page where you described different types of Vilmer trailers. One of the two trailers was not on the page. Now I got to take pictures – and I cant find your page, so that is why I get somewhat off subject for this string.
    And I did’nt find any Vilmer Chevrolet truck without steering or rivet


    Thank you, Ole. I will add your photo to my Vilmer article Part IV (link above). Part V will be about the Chevy, but I am still working on it.


    It’s a little funny that all now calls the Vilmer Trucks Chevrolet. Everyone else has referred to it as the Dodge and Mini Dodge. To avoid misunderstandings, it is probably easier to call the Trucks that Vilmer called them … The big truck, The small truck, Chevrolet 6400, Bedford (alternatively Big Bedford or S type for cevile and RL for 4×4 military models … the 3 axles are free imagination)

    The two trailers Ole shows are no. 247 and 248. for the small truck that can turn and the one without springs. If the attentive reader reads what has been written about the Vilmer models, one will discover that the small truck that can turn came on sale in 1956. Trailers were sold while stocks last. After that, the cars could not turn and had no springs. Later came suspension and delivery in fine plastic boxes.
    Small truck cevil .. 300 no … Trailers 200 no … Military colored cars all without military hardwere on the back 500 no …

    The small trailers are not for either the big truck or for the Chevrolet 6400 which very rarely has an eye on the rear, that does not fit something that Vilmer has made.
    It is to avoid misunderstandings in texts and pictures that do not show the size ratio of the model that I always mention that one should refrain from calling toy cars something they are not. Even though it’s been 40 years since some car ignorantly mentioned an impossible name. It does not become more correct that the error is mentioned repeatedly.

    I actually fight the same battle for the LEGO people who do not quite understand that a LEGO car is 1:80 – H0 is 1:87/1:90 but in England you run model trains on H0 rails but trains etc. is scale 1: 76/00 … It is important to relate to the correct things and what things were called by the manufacturer– LEGO even mentions its own cars as scale 1:80, never 1:87 .. If you collect 1:43 cars, it is also totally skewed to have one of the bigger LEGO 1:38 Chevrolet truck or VW beetle standing on the shelf. After all, they are totally out of proportions, compared to all the others…. But such there is a lot to nerd with, for collectors.


    Sorry for the confusion. I used the old small ‘Dodge’ article as an example. I am nor working on the Chevy article.

    But everyone replied with the small ‘Dodge’ photos, so we switched to talking about them.

    I try to put the Dodge as ‘Dodge’ since I know that Vilmer never called them Dodge but many other people do…. 🙁


    Here is the Chevy article, just published! Tak!

    The History of Vilmer Toys, Part V: Chevrolet Trucks

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