765 Douglas DC 7

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    hi , fellow Tekno addicts I have finally made a start on the Douglas DC 7 , missing one
    section of tail fin also broken locking pin at rear of body and broken window pillar .
    I have just ordered missing wheels motors and propellers along with decals from Peter ,
    they should arrive in Australia in around 2 – 3 Weeks , plenty of time to get it looking
    how it should, ready for fitting of new bits .I have plenty of other repairs to do along with this so always busy , will keep updates posted as I get it finished .


    While waiting for paint to dry I made a start on reattaching tail fin to DC 7 hope pictures are self explaining , my aim is to make it strong enough to be handled once again with out fear of bits falling off .Epoxy is JB Weld Metal 24 hour setting , takes a while to harden off but once set its easy to sand back.In a couple of days I will sand epoxy smooth and adjust to make both body parts fit perfectly before trying to replace broken rear fixing pin .
    Basically posting steps to show anyone who may have damaged wings on aircraft that most can be repaired they just take time .


    Amazing work – thanks for showing!

    peter frandsen

    Very nice Shane.

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