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Hello Peter and Hans Jørgen, you were right!

I contacted several forest industry museums and the national business and economy archive here in Finland and at first it started to look so that nothing could be found. BUT, after several e-mails back and forth I got a guess from one of them and then another museum could confirm her guess.

The company on my truck is really a Finnish forest company called “LOHJA-KOTKA”. This is the text that has been on the roof of the truck. The logo “Pine kraft” on the side door is their shipping mark which is basically a stamp that has been put on the end of each log/timber that is hauled/sold.

Please look at the attached pictures

The Lohja-Kotka company was a very old company founded in 1906 when they built a pulp mill (cellulose factory) both to the cities of Lohja and Kotka. The name Lohja-Kotka was formed in 1938. In 1960’s they produced yearly 2 000 tons of sulfate cellulose, 35000 tons of kraft paper (Lohja), 1000 tons of cellulose and 6000 tons of paper (Kotka). In 1968 Lohja-Kotka company’s paper mills were bought by Joutseno Pulp and Lohja-Kotka ended and become history.

So we can say that this Tekno truck was made between 1963 and 1968.

Thank you very much for your help. I am also very happy that I could find a rare never before seen Tekno truck that not even Tekno collectors knew about 🙂 If the administrators want to use these pictures in the Billedgalleri, please feel free to use them.

As I am not a Tekno car collector I will most likely sell the truck at some point. If any of you here at are interested in the truck feel free to contact me with an offer. My e-mail address can be found from my profile page.

These kind of modern archeology projects are great! It is super to be able to find answers to questions that relate to forgotten or unknown toys.

Happy collecting everyone