Vilmer Part II

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    Part II has a little more Tekno content. Let me know if you have any comments/questions!


    Which is which? 🙂

    Ole Monrad

    Is this a quiz?
    I think Vilmer is the red one and Tekno is the green – and I’m colourblind.
    Regards Ole


    They are made in the same place and therefore probably also in the same casting tool. SO – the difference is the same.


    There is a lot of guesswork about. Vilmer’s start.
    I think. but do not know for sure.
    Kaj Christiansen (Vilmer) was a toolmaker at Lange’s Toys.
    Kaj invented the turning system which, as far as is known, is unique for toy cars of that size.
    As I understand it, Kaj found premises for the manufacture of his cars, but had to give up his business due to the fire brigade’s ban on metal casting in the building.
    Then what do you do ? goes over to your old employer, Lange’s Toys, and gets cast cars.
    Kaj Christiansen develops a more likeable car but stays with Chevrolet, and launches the 1955-56 Chevrolet Task Force models.
    I would think that the old truck, called the Dodge, was supposed to go out. Lange sees his cut to “borrow” it and put Tekno’s name at the bottom. A lawsuit comes out of that.
    There has probably been an agreement, between Tekno and Vilmer, regarding. the continued production. Vilmer had already come up with a new Chevrolet model, and almost also a Bedford S “Type” and then Vilmer also made an extensive series of mini trucks. These exist both without and with suspension, as well as with steerable front wheels.
    I would think that all the “big” truck (Dodge) models are made by Lange’s Toys, both for Vilmer and for Tekno.


    Ole – the orange/red one is Vilmer! You are right!!1 You have to see the bottom or read the article in MAR Online!


    No new tools have been made for the Tekno cars. One has just added a few little things that are easy to add.
    There is the extra strut on the chassis. That is the only difference on the top part and it is not a problem to add in the casting tool.
    The bottom of the Tekno model has longer travel for the turning system. The longer curved hole is like the extra rivet and small differences at the rear axle and kadan also not a problem to make on an existing mold. These are small changes that take an hour for a machinist to make.

    These are simple LANGES TOY scams, as it has been done before with e.g. TOBI. It looks like that anyway, and Lange had probably hoped that it went well again.

    Or has a secret agreement been made between Lange and Christiansen? It’s spin but you can never know for sure.


    Yes, you are right. Who knows what really happened back then “behind closed doors. Who knows what the three companies (or men) really knew and when – Langes, Tekno, and Vilmer. At least we have the newspaper article and as Peter says we know that Christiansen had the rights to the ‘Dodge’ military and fire rescue trucks in the end!


    Thank you, Peter, for all your research. I included the Vilmer ads that you found in my article. I hope that’s OK! They really help to define the timeline a little better.

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