Tekno Mercedes LP 322 – Pine kraft – Help needed

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    Hello and greetings from Finland, please look at the photos attached.

    I managed to find this Tekno truck from Finland. It has some kind of text on the top of the cabin, but unfortunately some letters are missing. It says something like “?OL?A-KO’YA”. (Just guessing). Does that ring any bells – could this be something in Danish?

    On the doors there are a logo which says “Pine kraft” and in addition to text there is a picture of a pine tree. Unfortunately the image is not sharp.

    I searched all websites, blogs, forums and auctions which I could find, BUT did NOT find a picture of this truck anywhere. Can you help me. Have you seen this Tekno lastbil before? If you have do you know which company it is and should there be something on the back of the truck (like there are pigs and gas bottles, etc.)?

    Any assistance is good. Thank you.

    peter frandsen

    I have seen the MB 0322 Mercedes truck. It´s very commen also in green. But the tranfeer is speciel. Can you put in a picture off the side door logo?

    The colour off the transfeer look like “Kosan Gas”.

    bw – peter


    Tak for dit svar!

    Interesting to hear that the truck might be special.

    Please look at the attached pictures. I took closeup photos of the logo, roof text and also from the driver’s side door where there is little damage on the roof and only partial logo.

    I don’t know of the origin of this truck, but it is likely that it has been bought outside Finland. The “Pine kraft” text or the text on the top of the roof does not look like any Finnish companies I know.

    I guessed that the second last letter on the roof was a “Y”, but now it could be also a “K” or something like that.

    Does this look like any Danish wood companies or similar?

    I would love to hear more

    peter frandsen

    I think it´s must be something from Finland. Pine is a very commen tree in Finland and “Kraft” could be someting like a´ timber firm or some kind off fuel production.

    Google has no answer.



    Yes, google has no answer 🙂

    It of course is true that for decades forest industry was the main industry of Finland and pines are common and in that perspective it could be logigal that this was made for a Finnish company. Somehow though the fact that the writing is in English makes me question that. But it’s difficult to know. In any case the text on the roof and on the door are not the same.

    Was this 322 truck manufactured in early 1960’s? How many different MB 322 trucks are known?

    Is it so that we can say that this truck I have is rare? What could be the value / price (Danish krones) of this truck in it’s current condition?

    Kind regards


    Hi _ Like Matchbox cars. thes culd be a code 2. A locat buisness have put the trasferes on it. It was common in the sixties. I know of at least 4 VW pick-up models in red with ” johns budtransport” on them. John did put these transferes on himself in the early sixties. The fact that it is written in English might let one think of USA, Canada or perhaps England/GB. Perhaps one should look that way to find the correct company?

    Kind Regards
    Hans Jørgen



    The word “kraft” is also a word in English, but the more common version in English is “craft”. Kraft instead is a common word to my knowledge in Danish, Deutsch, Swedish and Norwegian.

    The color of my green truck – is it the exact same color / shade of green than in other Tekno MB 322 trucks?


    Maybe I was a little fast before. PINE KRAFT rewritten as wood strength. the car is from the sixties, and glulam was new, relatively inexpensive, and very strong. It was sold internationally and was the most from Sweden, Norway and Finland. So we came to Finland again 😉 the color looks right. Maybe a little light? – flash light? and as mentioned a code 2,- only in Finland perhaps. A nice simple truck in green.


    Interesting idea.

    If the text would be completely English it would mean in Danish “Pinie kraftpapir” (using translators as I don’t know Danish :)) Finland (and I assume Sweden also) was producing a lot of kraft paper (voimapaperi in Finnish) during 1950’s and 1960’s so this logo could have something to do with that. Maybe a label for the paper. In this case the text on the roof would be the company name. Who knows.

    Do you know the exact manufacturing years of this model of Tekno MB LP 322? If I would know the exact manufacturing years, that could help me to do research on the company more.

    I don’t know much about Tekno cars, but could you please explain a bit more this concept of “code 2” (maybe this is a general diecast thing not just Tekno). If I understood right you refer to code 2 in cases where companies have bought cars from Tekno but have themselves put the transfeers on the cars. Right? If I understood that correctly that would mean probably that code 1 are cars where Tekno has put the transfers on the cars in the manufacturing phase (and probably have printed the company name on the box too)?

    If all the above is correct, do we have a complete list of code 1 Tekno cars, which we can use to say which is code 1 and which is code 2? How good historical documents there are from Tekno about the cars they have produced prior 1974?

    How common were the code 2’s in Tekno cars? If we for example look at the pictures on the Billedgalleri here at teknosamleren.dk, there are lots and lots of cars with advertising text on the sides of the car. Are these all code 1 or code 2? Does the code 1 / code 2 affect the value of the Tekno car?

    Sorry for all the questions, but it’s always better to ask directly from someone(s) who know than spend a lot of time quessing 🙂 And of course learn myself in the process.


    many questions I can not answer them all. There are others who can. Code 1 cars are from Tekno with boxes to suit. Some are a standard models with an advertising mounted by Tekno. Code 2 are models purchased by a business. The model can be purchased from Tekno directly, or from a dealer. The company then fitted own transferes. I would think your car is a code 2 It is not the only Tekno car in this case.

    The word KRAFT will in Danish mean Force or strength. it is strong and solid. PINE is a tree that is most of in Sweden, Norway and Finland. KRAFT is strength. CRAFT is the English word for the work of craftsmen. Papercraft is something you do with paper “origami”
    Something with paper ? or something with glulam ? It may be Danish? but I dont know the logo.

    Mercedes-Benz LP 322 – 1963 – 1969
    as yours in different colors without decaler and transferes
    Grisebil and Kosangasbil with the grid on the bed.
    Garbage truck with other bodywork
    Page van with other bodywork
    Tuorg truck with other bodywork
    see the link



    Hello Peter and Hans Jørgen, you were right!

    I contacted several forest industry museums and the national business and economy archive here in Finland and at first it started to look so that nothing could be found. BUT, after several e-mails back and forth I got a guess from one of them and then another museum could confirm her guess.

    The company on my truck is really a Finnish forest company called “LOHJA-KOTKA”. This is the text that has been on the roof of the truck. The logo “Pine kraft” on the side door is their shipping mark which is basically a stamp that has been put on the end of each log/timber that is hauled/sold.

    Please look at the attached pictures

    The Lohja-Kotka company was a very old company founded in 1906 when they built a pulp mill (cellulose factory) both to the cities of Lohja and Kotka. The name Lohja-Kotka was formed in 1938. In 1960’s they produced yearly 2 000 tons of sulfate cellulose, 35000 tons of kraft paper (Lohja), 1000 tons of cellulose and 6000 tons of paper (Kotka). In 1968 Lohja-Kotka company’s paper mills were bought by Joutseno Pulp and Lohja-Kotka ended and become history.

    So we can say that this Tekno truck was made between 1963 and 1968.

    Thank you very much for your help. I am also very happy that I could find a rare never before seen Tekno truck that not even Tekno collectors knew about 🙂 If the Teknosamleren.dk administrators want to use these pictures in the Billedgalleri, please feel free to use them.

    As I am not a Tekno car collector I will most likely sell the truck at some point. If any of you here at teknosamleren.dk are interested in the truck feel free to contact me with an offer. My e-mail address can be found from my profile page.

    These kind of modern archeology projects are great! It is super to be able to find answers to questions that relate to forgotten or unknown toys.

    Happy collecting everyone


    Forgot to mention that the pictures are from the book “The Finnish Timber and Paper Calendar 1962/63”


    Thanks for the information. Ok so it was paper anyway. it could have been used for some sort of connection with the company’s 60th anniversary? in 1966. just a thought. Many Tekno cars were used to keep the songs, or menu, or perhaps tobacco, which also came on the table those years.or just a gift for representation.
    Hans Jørgen

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