Tekno factory tools (jigs to hold the carbody)

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    A small car museum in West Sealand, Denmark, had many Tekno tools from the factory under the desk. I visited there recently.

    I think these all held the car bodies upside down so that the worker could assemble them. They were clamped down to a worktable so a drill press could be used or parts placed into the bodies for final assembly. At least that is what I believe. Some are easier to identify than others. What do you think?

    Mustang and VW van?
    Mercedes 280SL
    Lloyd? and unknown?
    VW van


    peter frandsen

    Very nice Karl. It´s tools helping in the production.





    Here is the full article, in English! https://www.maronline.org.uk/tekno-toy-tools/

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