Tekno 90 år

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    peter frandsen

    Der er sometider nogen der har efter Tekno NL´s lille sættebil i anledning af 90 års jubilæet.

    De sælger den ny på deres hjemmeside for 13,5 euro.




    Yes, thank you. I wanted one but the postage to US is too high! 🙁

    Bertel Pedersen

    Hi Karl.
    The Tekno NL 90 years model, was on Black Friday sale (€ 13,50).
    The price is now € 19,28. Shipping for United States € 53,00 .
    So I guess you are not interested in having one.
    Bought the Tekno NL 10 years model set, from Peter.
    The very best regards from Bertel


    Yes, Bertel. I wanted one at €13, but I would not pay the high postage. The postage is the same as buying 4 more trucks!!!


    53 euro — Thats heavy woooiiiii

    But it may be due to bad experiences with mail shipments to the USA — I have sent to Holland, England, Germany Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Japan and China – Absolutely no problems …. For DK one defective and destroyed and one disappeared out of about 4000 shipments. But to the US 75% of the packaging is defective and 50% of the contents destroyed. Based on the seller having the full warranty, the shipping prices are increased.and someone sends at all not to the US .. Some US buyers get the goods sent to an acquaintance who then sends it all together, or things are picked up regularly, possibly plane staff.

    One can wonder a lot about it. The last thing I sent were two small headlights for a Tekno 805 VW, Packed in cardboard cover, and bubble plastic and in an envelope …. What more can almost be demanded …. Such two small headlights landed at the receiver in California, where the pins to stick in the car was broken off !… I have actually never seen THAT before, The envelope was well stamped on by large flat feet with rough patterned boots … March 2020 … Need something near wooden boxes to send something then the shipping price will also be high.

Viser 5 indlæg - 1 til 5 (af 5 i alt)
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