Tekno 280SL

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    peter frandsen

    Hi Floyd

    Notice – there are different writers in this tread – I can only answer for my part and I draws attention to what I wrote the 6. september. Therefore – you asked for secure knowledge from now and forever – but I can´t help, if you expect 100 % scientific evidence from an internationel scala. But I think I not so fare from reality in many issues, but I will not be able to explain in details about a certain box. Nobody can – so it´s must depend on “most likely”. Nearly all scientific theoretical directions has some doubt and with Tekno “you never know”. I can´t come the truth any further about this speciel Mercedes box besides that the box exist.

    br Peter/Teknosamleren

    6. september

    “At last I have the say, but there are no secure knowledge about Tekno. My articles are build on material like drawings, protypes, the models, articles in all newspapers, katalogs fotos and interview with people working on Tekno etc. I have to compare all these information and put it together the exclusion method – and what is most likely.

    I compere all this with my many-year-olds knowledge how Tekno was working and thinking and whats was the most likely disposition they made at that time – but it´s certainly not knowledge by a scientific standard.”


    Indeed, and I am thankful for all input.
    Naturally, nothing is for certain 100%
    But I am happy you understand my near-scientific approach.
    It is not that different from how you approach things.
    The difference really, lies in the different historic policies of MB and Tekno.
    One has been very flexible, the other rigid as the ice cap.
    I sure hope that you bump into something new in the years to come.
    When that happens, I would sure want to know!
    Until then, with thanks from Taiwan!
    Best wishes, Stan

Viser 2 indlæg - 16 til 17 (af 17 i alt)
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