My New Ford V8!

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    For some reason, I never had the Zonen dump truck in my collection. This one was on sale from Ohio, USA! So I bought it – not very cheap, but I think an OK price. The paint on the cab is very bumpy. I do not see any cracks or the usual zinc pest. My other old Teknos do not look like this. Have you seen it before on a Tekno of this age?

    peter frandsen

    Very nice Karl

    Flemming Rasch

    Hi Karl it a Nice car you Got ther 👍😁🏁


    Yes it’s nice. I am always nervous when there are dents in the varnish / orange peel. I have some cars lying with this surface. One begins to seep with white from the pimples. It probably has metal fatigue. The others just seem to have this orange peel. I could imagine that it might be due to lack of cleaning, or moisture before varnishing? So the casting metal surface takes damage in time, under the tight-fitting varnish? I do not know, but then it is not as bad as if the model has zinc plague, because it has unfortunately turned out that zinc plague that is not sealed (or the model is placed in a closed box for itself) can infect other models that are close or as the sick model touch. (metal against metal)
    I have a Tekno Scania Bus lying quietly cracking. The lacquer surface is beautiful as new, shiny and completely smooth, but naturally cracks with the metal. Here you can not see the disease until the metal cracks, or things break off and crumble between the fingers when touched.


    Thanks for the reply. I will keep my ‘fingers crossed” that no cracks appear or anything falls off.

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