Flyvende Fæstning – Tekno / Blue-Sun / Tekno

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    Here are my Flying Fortresses. The Blue-Sun is much larger and is marked on the bottom as Blue-Sun Denmark. In case you do not have the box, you can easily ID it.

    You can see the castings are similar bit of different type planes!


    Blue Sun is somewhat larger than Tekno. I thought they were similar in size.
    Dinky / Meccano was mentioned in the previous too. Tekno , and Dinky aircraft could look a like, but they are slightly different. But not much.
    There was also mentioned that there was not always name on Tekno planes. It is true, which is due to Stula took over production for a short period in 1951. Stula planes are unnamed.
    Nice planes youhave.
    Regards Hans Jørgen

    You have a red cross plane. Many believe that a white cross on round red bottom, it is the Danish flag. It is not. It is a old international used term for Ambulance.


    Interesting coments HJW, and Stroeget,- I am not familar
    with medal planes, it is very interesting, also to see a
    Blue Sun product.
    As I stated, Blue Sun was into export, and did not had a fabrication
    it opens up for the possibility, Blue Sun plans might be imported
    and re-packed in Denmark.
    And for the roundel, White cross on red, HJW had it spot on.
    Thanks for great news to me-
    Something came out sporting the Blue Sun boxes……


    Tekno was also a wholesale company that got its name on different things, from the very start. Best known NOT Tekno with Tekno name is surely the red machines. Then there are military trucks. But many other things were bought from outside. Termax retained ownership of the Mercedes 230/250/280 SL, and keeping producing this model until 1980.

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